Peace of Mind with Tritan Bottles

Over the years, plastic bottles have been getting a lot of bad rep. This was especially true when it was discovered that leaching chemicals can give a negative effect on the reproductive system in both humans and animals. Worried parents scurried to switch to BPA-free...

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What’s the Fuss with BPA Free?

Shopping for baby goods as new parents can be pretty overwhelming.  Should I get regular bottles? Anti-colic(hyperlink to colic article) ones? Glass ones? Bottles with vents? Wide neck? Natural bottles? Angled bottles? Do brands matter or will a cheap one do? Let’s...

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Best No-Frills Loyalty Programme Made Especially For Busy Parents

With today’s market being saturated by various rewards and loyalty programmes, one might ask “Why choose this one?” Are they not all the same with underlying fine prints and tedious steps when it comes to reaping the benefits?

But do parents really have the time and energy? Parents today barely have any time to themselves, let alone find the best loyalty programmes, especially when they involve complicated forms and registration processes.

Why CarrotClub is perfect for Parents

Most loyalty programmes are not bad, maybe just not parent-centric. At CarrotClub, we understand the struggles faced by parents and how precious time can be living in a competitive metropolitan city. So we set out to make our loyalty programme accessible to all, regardless whether you’re a working parent or not. After all, a loyalty programme should be about the customers.

This is why CarrotClub is perfect because it is a loyalty programme created with parents in mind and at the forefront. We understand the piling house chores, the demanding jobs that put food on the table, and children who always need your attention. We acknowledge your busy schedules and made a loyalty programme with no frills, that is straight forward and fast. This not only frees up more quality time for you and your family but also allows you to reap the benefits under our programme at the same time.


Follow these simple steps and join us!



What is Carrot Club?

We are a loyalty programme working to reward you with great products and better value for money because you deserve more!

How do we collect Carrots?

Just purchase products which carry our Carrot Club sticker and scan the QR code with WeChat app scanner, sign-up and start collecting carrots!

What do we get by being a Carrot Club Member

Members can obtain Carrots and be rewarded via our Rewards Catalogue! More Carrots! More benefits! More Rewards!

Will my Carrots expire?

Your carrots will always remain fresh – no expiry!

Do I have to pay to be a Carrot Club member?

Nope. Carrot Club is absolutely free for all!

When I redeem a gift, how long would it take to reach me?

Do allow us 2-3 weeks to ensure that your gift arrives safely to your preferred delivery address.

I have more questions!

Do feel free to drop us your queries at and we will get to you as soon as possible!